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Effectiveness of Various Fluoride Varnishes in Arresting Cavitated Dentinal Lesion in Preschool Children: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Nagarathna Chikkanarasaiah, N Mounashree, Navin Hadadi Krishnamurthy, Umapathy Thimmegowda, B Amrutha

Keywords : Caries arrest, Cavitated dentinal lesion, Early childhood caries, Fluoride varnish, Preschool children, Silver diamine fluoride

Citation Information : Chikkanarasaiah N, Mounashree N, Krishnamurthy NH, Thimmegowda U, Amrutha B. Effectiveness of Various Fluoride Varnishes in Arresting Cavitated Dentinal Lesion in Preschool Children: A Randomized Clinical Trial. World J Dent 2022; 13 (S2):S144-S148.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10015-2156

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published Online: 31-12-2022

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2022; The Author(s).


Aim: The aim of this randomized clinical trial was to compare the effectiveness of various fluoride varnishes in arresting cavitated dentinal lesions among preschool children. Materials and methods: Children aged 3–5 years old with at least one active cavitated dentinal carious lesion were recruited and randomly assigned into two groups as follows. Children in group I received 38% silver diamine fluoride (SDF) (FAgamin, Tedequim SRL, Argentina) application and children in group II received bifluorid 10 varnish (VOCO Bifluorid 10) application on carious lesion respectively. Lesion activity was assessed by visual-tactile examination using the World Health Organization (WHO) consumer price index (CPI) probe. Baseline and follow-up examinations were done by different examiners to collect the data. Result: Baseline and 1-week follow-up data was collected and subjected to statistical analysis using the Chi-squared test. The caries arrest rate in group I (100%) was highly significant. Conclusion: Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) was effective in arresting caries in preschool children and facilitating the early restoration of the cavitated lesion and was also helpful in instilling positive behavior in preschool children toward dental treatment. Clinical significance: Caries control methods used here are simple, noninvasive, highly efficient, cost-effective, well accepted, and can be used in all children. The results were satisfactory as cavitated lesions were restored in a short time in achieving good oral health.

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