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Influence of Er: Yag Laser on Shear Bond Strength of Self-etching Adhesives to Bovine Enamel: In vitro Study

Daphne Câmara Barcellos, Alessandra Buhler Borges, Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres, Sergio Eduardo de Paiva Gonçalves, Marcella Batista Pavanello, Ana Carolina Souza

Citation Information : Barcellos DC, Borges AB, Torres CR, de Paiva Gonçalves SE, Pavanello MB, Souza AC. Influence of Er: Yag Laser on Shear Bond Strength of Self-etching Adhesives to Bovine Enamel: In vitro Study. World J Dent 2011; 2 (1):11-15.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10015-1046

Published Online: 01-03-2011

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2011; The Author(s).



The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of the enamel treatment with Er:YAG laser on the bond strength of self-etching adhesives.

Materials and methods

One-hundred bovine incisors were ground to obtain flat enamel surfaces. The bond area was delimited with 3 mm diameter adhesive tape. Specimens were divided in two groups: Group L: Enamel surface received Er:YAG laser application (Kavo KEY 3) at 300 mJ/6 Hz in sweeping mode for 30 seconds; Group N: Enamel surface received no additional treatment. Each group was divided into five subgroups according to self-etching adhesive: S&E (Self & Etch), FB (Futurabond NR), XE (Xeno III), OU (One-Up bond F), CL (Clearfil SE Bond). Cylinders of Z250 composite were fabricated on the bonding area using a teflon matrix. The teeth were stored in water at 37°C/ 24 hours and submitted to shear testing at a speed of 1 mm/min.


The results were analyzed by two-way ANOVA and Tukey's test, obtaining p-value = 0.001. The mean values (±SD) in MPa for each group/subgroup were: N/FB—19.65(±3.87)a; N/CL—19.55(±3.78)a; N/OU—15.57(±2.85)ab; N/XE—15.32(±4.00)b; L/CL— 13.91(±2.54)b; L/OU—13.16(±2.17)bc; L/XE—9.74(±1.65)cd; N/S&E—8.83(±2.63)d; L/FB—8.30(±2.27)d; L/S&E—6.56(±1.55)d.


It was concluded that the enamel surface treatment with Er:YAG laser reduced the bond strength significantly for most of the self-etching adhesives tested.

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